Camp Darby, Italy – 10 MAR 2011

I’ve spent the last 8 days staying in a hotel at the Army Installation, Camp Darby. Located half way between Livorno and Pisa. My teaching location was five minutes away at the Depot. It’s a lovely drive because the open countryside is broken by these great old trees planted along the road. Camp Darby is a very small logistical support base that does not have a Dinning Facility (mess hall) but does have a small PX (general store) and a small Commissary (grocery store). The eating establishments are very limited: Tuscan Bristro (limited fast food), Blowing Center (limited menu mainly pizza & deep fried items) and the Community Center which has a limited $5 breakfast menu. A couple of times my fellow Instructor and I tried to find a local restaurant to eat lunch and booth times ended up back at Camp, grabbing sandwich. However, we did have some excitement…that was trying to document the “Working Women” who were camped a ¼ mile from the Depot. We were told they were Gypsies and to keep your distance because they are dangerous…my co-worker kept saying, “I don’t want them to steal my tears.” (Borat reference) We drove by three times before I could talk him into stopping so I could get these shots:

She spotted us and tried throwing a stick at us:

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