Grafenwöhr – 01 MAR 2011

Driving across Germany I kept seeing these tall strange buildings:
They are water towers and each one has a different style. Across from my training site in Heidelberg was this one:This week I’m back in Grafenwöhr…it’s a small town in eastern Bavaria, surrounded by many even smaller towns. This year they are celebrating their 650th anniversary. The Training Area, which the Army installation now occupies, celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary last year. As did it’s tallest building, the water tower:

This historic landmark in on everything: store signs, travel brochures, lace curtains, sweatshirts, magnets, beer mugs, souvenirs of all types.

The museum had antique post cards of the water tower:

This time, I stayed at the hotel on base across from the water tower which is located inside the Army gates. The hotel is made up of several small buildings, this one was mine:
Gate one is only a block away and just around the corner I found another roster wind vane… …attached to an 1875 church: The hotel lobby building also had an interesting wind vane: I was told the small local Cultural and Military Museum had an Elvis exhibit. It must change every so often because one internet visitor had an image of an Elvis figure next to a jukebox and another had an Elvis figure in the famous white Vegas outfit…but, I found an unrecognizable Elvis next to a jeep:
Looks like a female mannequin with a double-joined wrist:
He sent all of 6 weeks in training at Grafenwöhr:
At least his image faired better than these folks:
There were a few signs in English, one stated: “The barber not only cut hair and shaved beards but also acted as masseur, health care assistant, doctor and dentist. Pulling teeth and bloodletting were his main business besides hair cutting.”
There were three floors and several rooms of exhibits including one with current paintings, but the most artistic item I found was this window:
And this door across the street: