Friedhof St Georg, Munich – 12 MAR 2011

This morning I walked back to the cemetery around the corner from St. George Church. Along the way I passed this store. I had seen it last night and didn’t realize it was a block away from the cemetery…I thought it was vases in the window… I realized they are funeral urns.When I see one of these, I know there is a cemetery nearby…that’s why I looked across the street and found Friedof St Georg.
Just inside the gate was this candle machine.
It was much larger than it appeared last night.
Behind the building in the background is another area just as large as this one...the whole place takes up a complete city block.
It is a current, active cemetery with open graves readied to be filled.

After I left the cemetery, I walked back to the hotel, loaded the car and headed to my next location, Kaiserslautern, about 4 hours away. By 1:00 I was desperate to find a place to eat. I was going to pull off at a gas station/food stop when I turned too soon and found myself leaving the Autobahnen. At the first traffic circle I saw a small sign for Chinese food…with the usually good luck I have for finding great places to eat, I made a turn and found the resturant. It was upscale with white table cloths and cloth napkins. The only words I could read on the menu was Chop Suey so I order that and a Tsingtao. When the waiter asked soup or spring roll, I choose the spring roll…again the same large freshly made kind, as I had at the last Chinese place.
The dollar is for scale, so you can see how large it was.
The check came with a fortune German:
And on the back was English: As I was eating, I noticed two children excitedly pull their father out the door…when they returned empty handed but still similing... I thought no vending machines, what were they excited about? On my way out the door I looked around and saw their source of excitement…the space between his front and hind legs was about the length of a dollar.
As I headed to the traffic circle, Tinky Winky started shouting for me to go back…he had spotted a Kodak opportunity.