Freising, Germany – 11 MAR 2011

I spent the day just making an hour flight from Pisa to Munich…first there was the challenge of finding a gas station to fill the rental car before returning it to the airport. I could see one next to the airport but had trouble accessing it…one wrong turn and I was back on the autostrade, which went for miles before there was an exit…and the exits here just take you from one autostrade to another. I finally ended up on a two lane road and made an illegal u-turn to get back to the airport. The Pisa airport is small, similar to Burbank but the confirmation is very different. Once you are at the gate, they load you on a bus that takes you to the plane. This was a prop plane that held less the 70 people. The Munich airport is much larger but you still do the bus routine. I left my hotel at Camp Darby at 10:00 and arrived at my hotel in Munich by 5:00…that’s a lot of time to go the distance less than Los Angeles to San Francisco. I almost left Tinky Winky in Italy…I had checked out of the hotel and was hooking up my GPS when I thought where’s TW, I don’t remember packing him. (Good thing his job had been holding the GPS device.) I went back to the front desk and asked for my key back…returned to the room and looked under the covers…there she was!
Above: popcorn machine at the Pisa airport. For 2 Euros ($2.80 USD) you get a 6 oz cup of fresh popped corn (size of a small cereal bowl).
Although the Munich Airport is much larger, it still required taking a bus from the gate to the plane...I think that was because of the small size of the plane. The above shot is the terminal I arrived at…then I had to cross this large open patio (complete with a beer garden) to another building where the rental cars were located.Above: an office in the plaza. The Munich airport has a spa (with sauna & steam rooms), a 60-seat cinema that shows movies on aviation themes everyday 9:30 to 5, free of charge, three Metropolitan Pharmacies and also offer a behind-the-scenes tours. They have several doctors including an Ophthalmologist, Denist, Physiotheraphy, Praxis für Frauenheilkunde, which translates: Practice for woman medicine.
Above: building on other side of plaza where the rental cars are located. Dogs are allowed in the visitors’ park and they have a doggy-bar (Zamperl-Bar).
Above & Below: Cool hot dog stand, serving a variety of sausages including my current addiction: Currywürste. The plaza area was so inviting that all I could think was, “this is what Los Angeles should have, we’ve got the perfect weather. “
When we got to the Munich hotel I flopped down on the bed exhausted; but, TW wanted to go for a walk…so I forced myself to move. TW had seen a bull in the lobby and want to take a ride…plus he had spotted a bear around the corner.
Half a block away I found this great house...a sign said the Villa was established 1893:
Love the ironwork:
Found the bear:
Then another in a park:
Across from the park was this strange statue…the building said AWD (financial advisory services). Her nipples look like some strange vegetation, her left hand holds a flower and her right hand an egg, with a snake crawling up her arm.
I started walking towards the church steeple…found this interesting handrail down an ally.

And then Tinky Winky hits pay dirt:

The saddled bear of Saint Corbinian's legend is the heraldic symbol of Freising:
Say cheese:

TW was wearing me out…I told him the pink one was the last one; then, we were heading back to the hotel.

The first grand lodge of Freemasons was formed in Köln (Cologne) Germany in 1250.

St. George Church, built around 1440:

On the walk back to the hotel, I found another steeple; this one was on the St. George Cemetery chapel…the cemetery was closed, so I will have to return in the morning.
And one last bear in front of a Pharmacy.
His colorful fur is pills.
Back at the hotel, I had this choice of snacks:
I went with the antipasti and got this lovely salad with grilled zucchini & eggplant: