Lucca, Italy - 05 MAR 2011

Having read there was an ancient walled city, 30 minutes away, I had to check it out:
The walled city of Lucca, Italy is closer to the walled city of Rothenburg ob dere Tauber, Germany than San Diego is to San Francisco…yet they look and feel worlds apart.
It’s amazing, two medieval towns less than 500 miles from each other, looking completely different.
A Roman Colony in 180 BC, the rectangular grid at it’s center is indicative of a Roman street plan. It is the birthplace of composer Giacomo Pucini (La Bohème & Madama Butterfly).

Walking path near the wall:You can walk aroung the city on the top of the wall.

Today seemed to be a Carnival day for the children.

While the German town seemed like a tourist attraction, lots of stores & restaurants, this town had a few stores, hotels, restaurants but lots of cafés (coffee & pastries) but mostly living quarters.
This Pharmacy may have been a bar at one time, but I don’t think I would want to buy anything from a naked boy who only wears an apron:

Cathedral of St Martin…the wings are hinged so they can closed in high winds:

Every column has a different façade.

Street beggar:

Above an arch with a painting inside; below a close-up of the painting.

Tinky Winky takes a ride:

These look like they may have originally held oil lamps.