Pisa, Italy - 04 MAR 2011

I Spent the day in Pisa at the La Piazza del Duomo which is the complex with the Leaning Tower. Passing through a gate in the walls that surround the complex, you find Vendors peddling all types of wears.

Then comes all the Tourists having their friends take pictures of them cleverly pushing the tower…
…or in this case, kissing the bull.
Tinky Winky didn't want to be left out: After purchasing a ticket, I join the line to walk up the Tower.
The tickets are time stamped to control the number allowed inside.
The walk was very challenging because of the slant…the steps may be the same size but felt different (easier or harder) depending on which side of the building you were on…and coming down felt even stranger.
Half way up they let you walk around the outside, which put me at eye-level with some of the figures on the Cathedral:
The bull she was kissing:

These two guys were on a pillar of the Tower:

Just before the top the steps turn spiral similar to a lighthouse:
At the top there are four bells from the 1800’s…one even them even rang while I was near it.
I thought I was at the top but outside around the corner is one more set of steps but these were very narrow…literally a shoulders-width:View from the top:

Next stop was the The Cathedral of Pisa...a very large cross shaped structure.

Below are the bones of St.Ranieri, Patron of Pisa:
The Cathedral also holds the tomb of Henry VII & his wife Margaret of Brabant and Pope Gregory VIII.

The next two images are ceiling panels:

My next stop was the round shaped building on the left, the 12th Century Baptistery:
The eagle is the symbol used to depict John the Apostle. Eagle-shaped lecterns predate the Reformation (16th Century):
My fourth stop was the Camposanto (Monumental Cemetery) constructed in 1278, it was the burial place of the Pisan upper class for centuries.

And it looks like it still is:

Last two stops were the Sinopie Museum and the Opera Museum where I found my last shots of the day:
I thought the next two images would make good quilt patterns: