Driving to Heidelberg – 5 FEB 2011

Someone told me Germany is farmland broken by towns. It's hard to get photos along the way as there are no shoulders on the back roads. I acutally pulled over near a bus stop to snap these two images and almost got stuck in the mud.

There's some form of farming that requires poles...it looked like they may be used to hang tarps for shade as I could see small shreds of material hanging from the cross lines:
Every now and then, there are pull-overs for parking (sort of like our scenic overviews) however, this is the view:

15 years ago, after leaving Frankfurt, I pulled over at one of these and it turned out to be a pick-up spot for gay men. This time I caught a mother, helping her toddler take a tinkle.

From the edge of the parking woods, I was able to snap this image:
I didn't get 20 minutes out of town before I saw an interesting steeple and had to check it out. The sign read: Michelfeld Stadt Auerback Kreis Amberg-Sulzbach. I parked where the blue "P" sign was pointing, climb a slight hill and saw this to the left:

This was on the right (which I couldn't see from the highway):

Got this shot from the other side, when I was leaving town: I went down the street, trying to get close to the steeple I saw from the highway. I pulled over to photograph the roof on this shed. The neighbor came home and was looking around, trying to figure out what I was photographing.

Then I found the steeple and turned in. I think I was parking in the living quarters of the Monastery. No one was around so I grabbed some shots.

I saw this sign:

It translates: Housing group Josef in the historical mill building

Regens Wagner is an ecclesiastical foundation working to improve the lives of disabled people.

I drove around to the other side of the building and got these two shots before leaving town:

Shortly, my quaint, back country road, dumped me onto the autobahnen. This time there were rest stops with free WCs...their condition reflected the price.

All along the autobahnen are these brown signs depicting the next town...it's really hard to photograph them while driving 80-120 km per hour. By the time I see them & turn on the camera, they are almost behind me...plus the camera has trouble focusing through the windshield at high speeds. Here's a few I caught:

Often the name on the brown sign does not match the name on the large green autobahnan sign. In Germany, the red stop lights, turn yellow before turning green.

This time I'm at the Marriott, Heildelberg with Western style rooms:

Tinky Winky also likes the bigger room:

This one has a large European tub:

All of my rooms have had the European showers fixtures:

The silver box is what you press to flush:

View from my window:
Tomorrow I walk the Hauptstraße Altstadt (promenade through the old part of town).