Heidelberg – City Scenes

The parking lot at the Best Western in Wiesbaden was so small (it only held 16 cars, with 10 on a lift) that when it was full your car needed to perform contortionist acts to escape. The Marriott has plenty of parking slots (note the lack of the word spaces). Due to the wide angle lens, this photo does not accurately reflect the tightness of these slots. I have to fold the mirrors in to park and turn my body sideways to walk past the car & post. There is only 10 inches between the car mirrors. After the snow, rain and mud my rental car needed a wash...next to my hotel was a gas station with this:
You pay inside, get a code, drive into the Autowäshce, leave the car, input the code, push the green button, stand back and wait.
Not sure what the yellow bar on the left is:
But I guess you don't use it in the winter:
The next machine was just inside the car wash...not sure why? I have seen plastic gloves at gas stations before, only located next to the pumps.
Looks familiar:
Only the choices are different. Today I learned Super = Regular when I purchased a tank of the lowest octane but it turned out to be the highest price.
This is the view at the end of the Hotel:
On the way to the Artstat, I passed a park where this dog gave me a LOL moment. He was having such a great time digging & digging, trying to dig up and chew the root of a tree.
His name is Leo:

I liked how this modern sculpture mirrored the barren trimmed trees.

I love the German windows:
They are air tight, open two ways: either the top tips open or the center swings completely open; plus, many have a security/sun shade the comes completely down over the outside. All the old buildings have been retrofitted with them.Window shopping is all you can do on Sunday as all stores are closed.

Only cafes, coffee shops and restaurants are open.

One has to look hard to find entrées that are not breaded, fried and served with fresh fries…even the cordon blue chicken comes that way…I went with fish:
Not a penny smashing machine…it smashes a 5¢ piece and cost € 2.00 that’s $2.79…yes, I got one.