Heidelberger Schloss – 20 FEB 2011

I finally made it up to the Hiedelberg Castle. It was built, destroyed, rebuilt, added to & changed over a 300 year period, which is why it reflects many different architectural styles.

It was a long steep walk up to the castle with the tram closed for repairs:
The 30 Years War ended the heyday of the palace, and attempts to rebuild, due to repeated devastation, failed.
The wine cellar holds the world largest wine barrel, built in 1751 and capable of holding 51,514 gallons.

Inside the castle walls is “The German Museum of Pharmacy.” They have the world’s largest stock of “meteria medica” of the 17th-20th century. (Meteria medica stands for the whole of all raw materials which are either medicaments themselves, or which are processed into medicaments.) Below is an 18th century pharmacist's shop...you can see a stuffed crocodile, used to impress the visitor with a sense of exotic, strange & mysterious world of apothecary:
In every town I’ve visited in Germany there seems to be an “Apotheke” shop ever few blocks…one in walking distance no matter where you live.

This is a painting with a real stuffed head attached:
Floor of the same room:

This alter is faux marble (painted wood) because the weight of real marble would have been too heavy for the upstairs floor to support: