Shopping/Eating in Germany - 4 FEB 2011

I went back to my hotel room after class and found it dark and the front door locked. My key did not seem to fit the front door. For this hotel, you park on the street and although there is an alley running down one side of the building there is no parking in the back. I had noticed a backdoor and had previously checked to see if my key would work, which it did...not the kind of hotel key we usually have in the States:
I decided to go out shopping...this parking spot doesn't need a sign, I know who should park here:
I can’t figure this one out…pudding on the top shelf, then ice cream sandwiches and yogurt on the bottom shelf…how can that be?
I needed laundry soap because I didn’t want to keep paying $1.00 for 1 oz of powder. I went with the one to the left of the green Ultra bottle because it had a design similar to all color cheer and the word ‘Color’ plus a lot of German I couldn’t read.
Look, Curry Ketchup:

Just like our grocery stores, they sell a little of everything…this is sewing supplies:
The one thing they don’t have is popcorn…all kinds of flavored chips and cheese puffs and one store had a form of kettle-korn, but no regular pop corn. I thought these cabbages looked interesting, they were from Israel and are shinny because they are shrink-wrapped:
In a discount store, this is how they dispensed bakery goods…you get to use the stick to push your item into a trap that drops it into bin where you can open the lid and retrieve it…a non-automatic dispenser:
I decided to see if the Italian Restaurant next to the Army base gate was open. I noticed it two days ago but it was always closed when I drove by. Yes! They were open. Only this is what the menu looked like: I asked the waiter to translate the Pizza Luigi. He said Salami, Pepperoni, peppers, Champignons and Onions. I said, “Whats Champignons?” “Mushrooms?” He said, “Yes.” Last time I was in Germany I ordered a pizza from a take-away place where the workers spoke German & Italian but no English. Guessing at the German menu, I ordered what I thought was one with everything on it but was not sure what “Ei” meant. I know “Eiscreme” was ice cream. I watched them make the pizzas and was keeping track of who was picking up what…when it came to what I thought was my turn, I watched them put all the ingredients I was expecting and then I saw them crack a fresh egg and place it in the middle, putting the pizza in the oven. Turns out, “Ei” was egg! So that night I eat around the edges and in the morning had egg pizza for breakfast. Not bad.
This pizza turned out to have: Salami, Pepperoni, Peperoncini, Mushrooms, & Onions. And that wonderful thin German crust:
The trouble I have with European dinners is the time it takes to consume them. Most restaurants don’t turn the tables around…as many place setting or tables they have is how many people they will serve in one evening. They expect you to take 1-2 hours eating! I’m done in 15 minutes and then have to entertain myself until I get a bill. Tonight I shot 20 photos of my wine glass:

I asked for my left-overs to be wrapped to go and they brought me this package:
There must have been a communication problem, because when he brought the bill, he also brought a pizza box with another pizza. So I had pizza for breakfast and my cross-country drive to Heidelberg the next morning.