Worms, Germany – 11 FEB 2011

One of my students recommended several nearby historic sites I should visit. The first was Worms, in 1521, Martin Luther made a statement here that caused the Holy Roman Emperor to declare him an outlaw and the Pope to excommunicate him…thus, the Protestant Reformation was born. Here’s some of the sights of Worms:

One of the oldest towns in Germany, settled by the Celts and later in 14 BC the Romans arrived. This is the Cathedral of St. Peter, parts of it dates back to 1018: I keep seeing chicken wind vanes…so I had to do some research. In the ninth century, Pope Nicholas decreed that a rooster would be displayed from every church steeple as a weather vane. They were to remind people of Peter’s three denials of Christ before the cock crowed.

A model of an older version of the Cathedral:

Floor grating:

David and Goliath:
Another Adler eagle sign: