Schswetzingen, Germany – 19 FEB 2011

This is the Asparagus (Spargel) Capital of the World. Most German asparagus is white because it is grown in the soil to prevent photosynthesis…which prevents the asparagus from turning green, making it tender and sweeter than the green version. In late spring, they have a Spargelfest complete with banquets, parades, and the crowing of a Spargel Queen.

I ate in this restaurant 15 years ago, just at the end of the Spargel season and every item on the menu had Asparagus in it. I was with three other people and each person thought their dish was fabulous.
Across the street is a Palace which has a U-shaped structure facing the street.

Tinky Winky plays on The Palace gate: The Palace Garden was fashioned after Versailles and is unequalled anywhere in Europe. The aerial views of the garden look incredible but it was much too cold to check it out in person. (