Red Baron Gravesite – 13 FEB 2011

I returned to the Wiesbaden Svdfriedhof (South Cemetery) to search, again, for the gravesite of the Red Baron. This time I had done more research and was confident I would be able to accomplish my mission. The cemetery looked completely different from my first visit (
Manfred von Richthofen, born May 2, 1892 to a Prussian noble family, was dashingly handsome. His nickname, The Red Baron, came from the red Fokker triplane he flew. With 80 recorded air combat victories, before being shot down on August 21, 1918, he holds the all time record for winning dogfight battles. The British buried him in a village churchyard in Bertangles, France, with full military honors. Later he was transferred to a War Graves Commission cemetery, thein in 1925 he was moved to a Prussian National Military Cemetery in Berlin. Finally, in 1975, he was reburied in this family plot in Wiesbaden.

I also discovered some additional artistic gravesites:

As I was leaving I noticed this image near the gate:
After Sudriehof, I headed over to Nordfriedhof to re-photograph some of the beautiful images I saw before...which would now have different light.